Friday, December 17, 2010

Music, my love..then there's the real world.

*First Post*
Thanks for checking out my blog. I love music and find it the best way to express ANYTHING! {Quick challenge- Count how many comercials have music...or make it easy on yourself and count the ones that dont!}
Here are some things "Music Wise" you should know:
Classical Rock Music Loves:
Aerosmith (I shall never aprreciate the beatles)
Eminem (some...)
Rolling Stones
Maroon 5
Green Day
The Fray
"Newer Age" Music Loves:
SHINEDOWN (they are my number one!!!)
Fall Out Boy
Escape The Fate
The Ready Set
Metro Station
The Downtown Fiction
Black Veil Brides
Breathe Carolina
J Bigga

20 things you might wanna know bout me!:
  1. Im punk, but i dont rebel
  2. Althogh I have wanted to start multipule riots
  3. I think EVERYONE deserves something at Christmas
  4. I get very obsessed with things
  5. is my best friend Sienna, who helped me make this blog, and is sitting here beside me! (Check out her blog!!!!!)
  6. We are singing 1985 by Bowling for Soup, and I never understood that name
  7. I dont really like my mom
  8. Although we have our moments
  9. Im a terrible speller
  10. Im a drummer im my band!
  11. I am currently obsessing over marring Criss Angel, Jordan Witzigrueter, Chris-Dakota, and SEVERAL other guys (Includong most of Escape the Fate)
  12. I love anime
  13. I draw anime
  14. I draw in genreral
  15. I hate math and Lang. Arts
  16. I excell in both subjects (^) by the grace of God!
  17. Im a christian
  18. I want to go to Australia and Las Vegas, Navada
  19. Im catagorized as emo, although I dont think I am!!!
  20. Im not perfect!

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