Saturday, December 25, 2010

Escape the Fate-Escape The Fate. *Album Review*"

Punk, rock, or maybe even metal or (possibly) goth (depending!) Escape the Fate is an awesome band not afaid of self expression. This self titled album reminds me of the Shinedown album "Us and Them". Why? Similar Sounds...not really. But because the first track on Shinedowns album called "The Dream" is an ALBUM intro, with just talking. With Escape the Fate, the first track "Choose your Fate" repeats the title name sevral times but to an erie, contagious, beat! A main point in this album is the song "Issues", I will post the music video later, is fantastic! The sound waves take a course through my body and wake me up like nothing else ever befor! This song has an incredible story line, as if you are actually reading a book! (ETF explains it on youtube, if you have the link for it please share!) The story goes as, the townspeople think the band members are witches, and attepmt and succede to exicute them, but it turns out, the towns-people are the crazy ones! The video ends with a shock, that stunned all of my sences! {Might be because I have a HUUUGGGEE crush on Craig!} Another MAJOR point I found in the album was....THE AFTERMATH(G3)!!! No, its not the ETF version of G6, its The Guillotine part 3!!! I have been a fan of ETF ever since Ronnie was in the band and absolutly loved the original "The Guillotine" and when Craig came in the picture and brought to life "This War is Ours (The Guillotine pt.2)" was absolutly amazing! "The Aftermath(G3)" doesn't fall short of the previous songs on the trilogy! I love it! The lyrics flow with the other songs perfectly but has its own sence of style! It ORIGINAL! And I love that! I Have to say I loved this album! And as I type this i am listing to it until it is burned into my brain! I encourage EVERYONE to buy this album in stores, on iTunes, or whatever you can use to get your hands on these masterpeice songs! I can only thank the band for being so awesome! *Now all I can hope for is a 4th Guillotine! Maybe "(Guillotine 4) The Final Afterlife!" or something like that! Thanks for reading!


  1. I was wondering when Escape the Fate would appear in this blog...

  2. Yeah, u know me! I use my powers for awesome!