Saturday, December 25, 2010

AH! Getting Back to it!

I must apologize for being such a bad blogger! I havent had any time to do ANYTHING. All though I did get a new laptop and have redone my room! Also, heres a treat, im going to...REVEIW A CD! Haha, yes, I'm going to review the Escape the Fate (self titled) album, Escape the Fate. It seems weird to me that they choose their 3rd cd to be self-titled, dont artist usually do that first? I know their first CD and EP(s) had Ronnie Radke, but still, why wasnt the album "This War Is Ours" self titled as their first CD with Craig Mabbitt (mine!!!) Or even, why wasn't "Dying is your Latest Fashion" self-titled since it was their FIRST cd as a band over all! But for my full review, read the post, "Escape the Fate-Escape The Fate. *Album Review*" Thanks for being so patient with me!

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