Friday, June 10, 2011

I wanna make a Hollywood Undead mask!!!!

The title is pretty self explanitory of this blog post. I'm gunna make a DIY Hollywood Undead mask, and when all else fails Im gunna end up with a Jabawakeez mask! :3 I have been bugging Style Misfit Sienna all morning asking if she has paint, paint brushes, elastic, ect. She does have elastic and hopefuly if she brings the liquid eyeliner (I have been begging her for to henna tattoo myself) I will be able to do details for Johnny 3 Tears. But if I can do his mask im gunna do Charlie Scene and just buy that stuff at walmart..then when I finnaly blow most but 3 bucks is when I buy a plastic jabawokeez mask...
Im insane? I think so...
But to thank Sienna for not murdering me..I gunna post the link to her blog!!!  ----the person I model for, the one that puts up with my annoying crap, the one that drags me around town as I do to her, the one that supplies the weirdes items for me! (Imcluding a fire nation dress i have been BEGGING for) and who will soon probly have a closet full og my stuff. Thank you, Sienna, for being my best friend!! <3

Here are the masks Im going to order..
Johhny 3 Tears

Charlie Scene

This weekend is gunna be fun! And if theres a relationship-genie out there PLEASE feel free to tweet me! @KarmenSkyline 
Thank you guys! you mean the world!

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