Saturday, July 16, 2011

Well isnt this a turn in the story...FALLING IN REVERSE

 Ok, 1 turn in the story is that I was to depressed to post, but now I'm on the edge of my fucking seat with this new info! The 2nd turn in my story is this..the main one...
Ronnie Radke and his band Falling In Reverse are about to release their new CD, July 26th to be exact! But me being the super-freak fan I am, i have already listened to most of the CD on youtube (by user FreeRonnieRadke) And noticed something I already had on their the Drug In Me is You- Single.
Now what I am noticing is from Escape The Fate, and in their song The Drug in me is you, he says "..Fate is something I cant escape.." this could be a coincidence. But, in their song "Tragic Magic" they use the line "10 Miles Wide". The other one I found in "Tragic Magic" is probably nothing because the word "Smooth" is more common, but yet it is also the Santana song Escape The Fate has covered. I'm continuing this research and will hopefully post on this subject again. But until then, think, is Ronnie giving Escape The Fate a final blow saying that they can get over that they lost him? Or is it just a goodbye to them, seeing for myself on twitter (follow me: karmenskyline ) that him and Max Green have made amends and started talking again! (Yes, i saw this amazing event happen for myself, they were all like, Hey i haven't talked to you in forever, made a few apologies and became FRIENDS!!!)

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  1. Shit Karmen, it's commencing, not commercing. God.