Sunday, December 19, 2010

A lil somethin' different.

Im gunna talk about something that doesn't NECESSARILY have to do with music, but still in some ways does. That topic is.....CHRISTOPHER NICHOLAS SARANTAKOS! Aka, Criss Angel, the Mindfreak. If your wondering,"What does this remotely have to do with music?", let me tell you! Being the obsessive fan girl I am, I have his CD, which is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! He also has his shows soundtrack on iTunes. This shows that he obviously has interest in music, if you didn't know he had a Cd. {And just a random lil thought, I'm gunna marry Him..Sienna..Say Nothing!} But he is just so awesome. He was also on an episode of CSI:NY, as Luke Blade. And one of my fave all time quotes is "If you policemen will excuse me, I have to go light myself on fire", stated by him on the show! And is it just me, or does he make one HECK of a HOTT bad guy!


  1. I swear. Someday I'm going to shoot you. Or introduce you to John. I don't know which is a worse...

  2. @Sienna, You should have learned by now to live with my obsessions!!!