Monday, October 10, 2011

Yes, im so writing this from School..and its Monday.

First off...Im sorry I fell of the face of the Earth for ever. And Style Misfit is still alive, shes just having internet issues. But while here a the oh so magical computer lab we discovered its very odd to say "Hey! Wanna see my husbands mugshot?!!" And judging from the fact you know me, you know I'm refering to my husband...Ronnie Radke!!!

Obession. Yes.

But as of now this has taken me two class periods, I'm in science...neglecting the fact i have a project due tomorrow that my stupid computer won't let me work on. Oh well, I hate Ms. Mosbys class anyway. :L And while doing so my friend Charlotte won't SHUT UP about Josh...-_- another reason for neglecting my project.
Back to the topic...I<3RonnieRadke. And do us all a favor and follow my husband on twitter @REDRUMRONNIE , and tell him his wife said so ;) And while ur at it, mention me!!! @KarmenSkyline.
Also, I have been added as a Site Model for "TheDemon'sFallen Angels" (search on facebook) and of course I am the one and only "Rhyn Radke"
I sure hope not! <3
And I just took a 5 minute break to work on the project. Wow. At least im studing Neon...
Note to Self: Make a futuer post about Neon Trees. And mention the song you made for LAST YEARS science class based off of "Animal"
Well Im gunna go..considering this project should be done in time for reports to go out..and with a good grade.
People To Follow on Twitter:
@REDRUMRONNIE (Ronnie Radke)
@Ohai_ImEstee (My Friend Estee!!!)
@KarmenSkyline (Me)
@StyleMisfit (Sienna!)

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