Monday, August 8, 2011

Mini post! (ASunsetKiss)

Yes, I know! I just posted but I have an awesome band I have discovered! They are called "ASunsetKiss", I found out about them via my friend, Josh, who is the guitarist/vocalist for the band, also my friend Marco is in the band as the drummer! I know they dont have music up wich makes it hard to promote them but trust me, if you like Asking Alexandria you should like this! Mainly because BEN BRUCE from Asking Alex likes them. But take my word for it. They are a very cool band and I want them to have alot of publicity! For now check out their facebook!!/pages/ASunsetKiss/137687529642760

Like them and keep up with their stuff!!! You wont regret it if you do!!!
Thanks a ton!
<3 K.Ray

(Marco is in the gray, Josh is in the back w. blue, very back in gray is Ray, front in blue is Eddy)
{front in black is no longer in the band}
These guys really are awesome! <3 them!

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