Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ok, its official {Im taking part of this quote from Despicable Me..} CRAIG MABBITT IS SO CUTE IM GUNNA DIE!

Yes! You heard it hear first! I did my album review, and now I am posting the videos I have promised! Im sorry I have been such a bad blogger lately but I do have to tell you it mite get slightly worse when school is back in! Well, i humbly apologize! Here are the videos!

Issues-Escape The Fate
The Making of Issues

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I need ideas!

I need some Ideas of things I could post daily...i want your help! Your friends help, your pets help, and even your favorite hobos help! I have no heres a video I like...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Escape the Fate-Escape The Fate. *Album Review*"

Punk, rock, or maybe even metal or (possibly) goth (depending!) Escape the Fate is an awesome band not afaid of self expression. This self titled album reminds me of the Shinedown album "Us and Them". Why? Similar Sounds...not really. But because the first track on Shinedowns album called "The Dream" is an ALBUM intro, with just talking. With Escape the Fate, the first track "Choose your Fate" repeats the title name sevral times but to an erie, contagious, beat! A main point in this album is the song "Issues", I will post the music video later, is fantastic! The sound waves take a course through my body and wake me up like nothing else ever befor! This song has an incredible story line, as if you are actually reading a book! (ETF explains it on youtube, if you have the link for it please share!) The story goes as, the townspeople think the band members are witches, and attepmt and succede to exicute them, but it turns out, the towns-people are the crazy ones! The video ends with a shock, that stunned all of my sences! {Might be because I have a HUUUGGGEE crush on Craig!} Another MAJOR point I found in the album was....THE AFTERMATH(G3)!!! No, its not the ETF version of G6, its The Guillotine part 3!!! I have been a fan of ETF ever since Ronnie was in the band and absolutly loved the original "The Guillotine" and when Craig came in the picture and brought to life "This War is Ours (The Guillotine pt.2)" was absolutly amazing! "The Aftermath(G3)" doesn't fall short of the previous songs on the trilogy! I love it! The lyrics flow with the other songs perfectly but has its own sence of style! It ORIGINAL! And I love that! I Have to say I loved this album! And as I type this i am listing to it until it is burned into my brain! I encourage EVERYONE to buy this album in stores, on iTunes, or whatever you can use to get your hands on these masterpeice songs! I can only thank the band for being so awesome! *Now all I can hope for is a 4th Guillotine! Maybe "(Guillotine 4) The Final Afterlife!" or something like that! Thanks for reading!

AH! Getting Back to it!

I must apologize for being such a bad blogger! I havent had any time to do ANYTHING. All though I did get a new laptop and have redone my room! Also, heres a treat, im going to...REVEIW A CD! Haha, yes, I'm going to review the Escape the Fate (self titled) album, Escape the Fate. It seems weird to me that they choose their 3rd cd to be self-titled, dont artist usually do that first? I know their first CD and EP(s) had Ronnie Radke, but still, why wasnt the album "This War Is Ours" self titled as their first CD with Craig Mabbitt (mine!!!) Or even, why wasn't "Dying is your Latest Fashion" self-titled since it was their FIRST cd as a band over all! But for my full review, read the post, "Escape the Fate-Escape The Fate. *Album Review*" Thanks for being so patient with me!

Monday, December 20, 2010

I love you so much!!!

Again, my post today is a little different! I want to thank all of my readers, because obviously, I am nothing without my readers! Thank you those who have reposted my link and sent people my way! Ily so much! Keep it going! Every time I have a post, post my link and say hey, look what I found! I'm so glad you are liking my blog but please leave comments and tell
me what you want to see on the site!!!!! Again, I will be back to my regular posting SOON! just wanted to take the to
e to tell you I LOVE YA! :3)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A lil somethin' different.

Im gunna talk about something that doesn't NECESSARILY have to do with music, but still in some ways does. That topic is.....CHRISTOPHER NICHOLAS SARANTAKOS! Aka, Criss Angel, the Mindfreak. If your wondering,"What does this remotely have to do with music?", let me tell you! Being the obsessive fan girl I am, I have his CD, which is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! He also has his shows soundtrack on iTunes. This shows that he obviously has interest in music, if you didn't know he had a Cd. {And just a random lil thought, I'm gunna marry Him..Sienna..Say Nothing!} But he is just so awesome. He was also on an episode of CSI:NY, as Luke Blade. And one of my fave all time quotes is "If you policemen will excuse me, I have to go light myself on fire", stated by him on the show! And is it just me, or does he make one HECK of a HOTT bad guy!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh, how I love Parodys!

Parody songs are possibly the best songs ever. I love a youtube-er, Venetian-Princess, shes HILARIOUS! She has parodized (My new word!) Katy Perry, Lady Gaga [Several times], and has even written her own songs such as the "Jonas Brothers Addict Anthem". I love her! {Props!} But her is one of my fave parodys by  Key Of Awesome is Glitter Puke! {I shall post it below!} StyleMisfit, aka Sienna ( showed it to me! I loved it! And I am showing it to all my awesome viewers! Here it be!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Aerosmith VS. The Beatles

This is a great debate. Every one needs to comment! Who do you appreciate, like, or just think is more popular?
Personaly I like Aerosmith better. {And not just because Steven Tyler was REALLY cute when he was younger!} Their music seems to speak more to me, than The Beatles. The Beatles, in a nutshell, just seem to me like a bunch of love-sick dogs. Plus, im a more or a Rocker-chika if I do say so myself. This is a very worthy debate, even though their is no point. Please Comment! I would love you and give you a cookie if you comment! [ok, i wont, but just please...]


^^^ The first thing I ever heard by Shinedown, love at first sound!

I have to love this...and not because Jordan is so hott....

Music, my love..then there's the real world.

*First Post*
Thanks for checking out my blog. I love music and find it the best way to express ANYTHING! {Quick challenge- Count how many comercials have music...or make it easy on yourself and count the ones that dont!}
Here are some things "Music Wise" you should know:
Classical Rock Music Loves:
Aerosmith (I shall never aprreciate the beatles)
Eminem (some...)
Rolling Stones
Maroon 5
Green Day
The Fray
"Newer Age" Music Loves:
SHINEDOWN (they are my number one!!!)
Fall Out Boy
Escape The Fate
The Ready Set
Metro Station
The Downtown Fiction
Black Veil Brides
Breathe Carolina
J Bigga

20 things you might wanna know bout me!:
  1. Im punk, but i dont rebel
  2. Althogh I have wanted to start multipule riots
  3. I think EVERYONE deserves something at Christmas
  4. I get very obsessed with things
  5. is my best friend Sienna, who helped me make this blog, and is sitting here beside me! (Check out her blog!!!!!)
  6. We are singing 1985 by Bowling for Soup, and I never understood that name
  7. I dont really like my mom
  8. Although we have our moments
  9. Im a terrible speller
  10. Im a drummer im my band!
  11. I am currently obsessing over marring Criss Angel, Jordan Witzigrueter, Chris-Dakota, and SEVERAL other guys (Includong most of Escape the Fate)
  12. I love anime
  13. I draw anime
  14. I draw in genreral
  15. I hate math and Lang. Arts
  16. I excell in both subjects (^) by the grace of God!
  17. Im a christian
  18. I want to go to Australia and Las Vegas, Navada
  19. Im catagorized as emo, although I dont think I am!!!
  20. Im not perfect!