Tuesday, February 28, 2012

NIghtmares and Stitches. (New Band:The Product)

I seem to only post from class..science class..where i enjoy ignoring my work. BUT BUT BUT! I have found an awesome new band!!!
I am so fortunate that they contacted me on twitter (@karmenskyline ) and told me that if i liked Framing Hanley (which I love!) I should check them out. So by a simple google search of "The Product" everything but the band came up. So when I searched "The Product Band" it lead me to their myspace, where I listened to ,what I immediatly downloaded, their songs "Nightmare" and "Stitches". This is a kind of band where almost immediatly I fell in love. And I also loved the fact that the drumming was intense! Usually its hard to pick up a good beat for Alternative bands but for them I found it and loved it.
And do me a favor!!! Please go like these guys on facebook! www.facebook.com/productrock and follow them on twitter! @ProductRock. Also follow me :D @karmenskyline

Preview: I might review some clothing! Especially Craig Mabbits line: Lolipops and Cigarettes and the clothing line "Sinner Clothing" , and you can follow them at @Caige (Craig Mabbitt) and @SinnerClothing

My life is a Warzone, Caught between whats right and wrong!
Framing Hanley-Warzone

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