Friday, June 17, 2011

And my obsession grows..

Not Criss Angel..not Shinedown...
Craig Mabbitt has officially put in in a trance, Max Green dosn't cease to amaze me and I have now realized how insanely HOT Brian and Robert are! With the hot off the fucking presses music video "Gorgeous Nightmare" , which i will share later when most people have found it. It is amazing! Right when I thought nothing could beat "Issues" they throw this at me!!!!! I must say though...I kinda wish it had been me and the ETF guys in the room of lust! ;) This video is some of the best work I've seen. It brings humor, suspense, and all around amazing-ness to my computer screen! I was stunned, and drooling when Craig began to sing. Max's amazing breakdown only adds! Craigs eyes and body when he sings the lyrics "Is it the way you act so damn naughty" make me want to commit the most popular of the 7 deadly sins(if I havent XD)..LUST!!! I mean WOAH! What I found funny was that I could immediately see the signature "SYK FUK" vest and new shirt Max was wearing. I can't wait to see what else Escape the Fate has in store. And this only makes me more excited for the "Choose your Fate" mask and "I <3 ETF" shirt I'm hopefully getting for my birthday! Escape the Fate will forever and always be my music love!!!

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