Friday, February 11, 2011

Nacho, you tought me well!/We have the Ransom *Escape the Fate (Ronnie) Theres no sympathy for the Dead album review*

Ohhh! Myyy!!!! Yupp, just got home from a mosh! My neck is killing me from headbanging. Nacho, my bestestest brother in the WORLD tought me how to head bang!!! Style Misfit, Sienna, is here and convinced me to post!!!! Rawr..she said "Hey, Readerss!!!" (as we eat french fries..) Sooo i got the AWESOME EP by Escape The Fate called "Theres no sympathy for the Dead" and I have to say I lovee it!!!! The Ransom is BY FAR my fave!!! The close runner up is "the Guillotine" I previously talked about, the start of the Guillotine trilogy!!! The by far the weirdest title I have ever heard is "Dragging dead bodies in blue bags up really long hills. but yet it is still an epic song! epic like a greek myth baby! XD!!!! But falling down is deffinaltly going up!!! Its a diversion from what ETF usually will do. Last but not least is the title based song.."Theres no Sympathy for the Dead." What the song means..not quite sure... maybe theres no Sympathy from the band to Ronnie since he peed on a chick...  Oh well!! haha. But you have to listen to this album! Hopefully if I dont get sidetracked I will post some cool new Escape the Fate songs (Not new...but ya to the blog..)  Oh well! i love yall!!!Check out Sienna's blog!
Thanks!! Next..Im gunna do a review on my....SHINEDOWN DELUXE CD!!! OMG IT'S AMAZING!!!!! Now for random music videos I just so happen to love! <3

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